Providing great water means appreciating the circular nature of the water cycle and interacting with it in a responsible way.

Did you know...

We invested around £4 billion over 2015–20, including £350 million additional investment of outperformance earned over the period, and the final determination for AMP7 sees us investing around a further £3 billion over 2020–25.

Delivering clean water

We depend on water that we collect from the natural environment in rivers, lakes, open reservoirs and boreholes, but we need to do a lot of work before this water is safe and clean for customers to drink. We maintain covered reservoirs, water treatment works and thousands of kilometres of water pipes across the region in order to collect, treat, store and deliver billions of litres of reliable, clean drinking water to millions of customers 24 hours a day.

Removing wastewater

Once the water goes down customers' drains, or surface water flows into the sewers, our job begins again as it requires separation and treatment before it is clean enough to return to the natural environment. We maintain wastewater treatment works and thousands of kilometres of wastewater pipes in order to collect, transport, treat and return water to begin the cycle again. We waste nothing, turning sludge by-product into compost for farmers and capturing gas to generate renewable energy.

Household retail

We deal with new connections, metering and billing for millions of household customers, and help vulnerable customers with our Priority Services and other assistance schemes.