Our strategic themes define the way we operate in order to deliver our purpose and work towards our vision, and our core values provide the cultural framework within which we operate.

Our purpose

To provide great water and more for the North West.

Our vision

To be the best UK water and wastewater company.

Our strategic themes

The best service to customers

At the lowest sustainable cost

In a responsible manner

Our core values

Customer focused

Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we aim to provide a great and resilient service at the most efficient cost.


We continually look for new ways to make our services better, safer, faster and cheaper.


We make promises knowingly and keep them, behaving responsibly towards all of our stakeholders.

Our strategy is broken down into three strategic themes, which form the framework for what we do.

The best service to customers

We put customers at the heart of everything we do. As well as delivering a reliable service of great-tasting water and removing wastewater, we proactively keep customers informed about any work we are doing in their area and communicate with them in ways that meet their individual needs; for example, we now use 'push texts' to send updates and alerts to customers within a specified location. The best service to customers means being available when they need to contact us, always interacting in a friendly and helpful manner, and offering tailored support and assistance for customers when they need it. As well as these day-to-day interactions, it means consulting on what matters to them. This shapes what we do; for example, we redesigned our bills based on customer research and feedback.

At the lowest sustainable cost

In order to run a resilient business, it is important to ensure cost reductions are sustainable so that we can keep them down in the long term without compromising on resilience or the quality of service we deliver. When we develop our plans and assess different options for consideration, we look to minimise the whole-life cost through a holistic approach. This fits with the total expenditure (totex) model, because the most cost-effective option can vary between traditional operating expenditure (opex) or capital expenditure (capex) solutions. Our Systems Thinking approach helps us look holistically at all options, and operating our entire network as a system rather than discrete assets opens up new avenues that would otherwise not have been available.

In a responsible manner

Our purpose drives us to deliver our services in an environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial and socially responsible manner, looking after the interests of the stakeholders with whom we interact. This means protecting and enhancing the natural environment, using natural solutions where possible and reducing our carbon footprint and waste. It means promoting a safe, healthy and engaging workplace for our employees, supporting their physical and mental health. It drives us to support local communities on issues that matter to them, and to work with local schools and training facilities to promote skills for the future. Above all it means we are open, honest and transparent in our dealings and in reporting our performance.

These strategic themes run through everything we do

Our operational performance measurement, key performance indicators, risk assessment and remuneration policy are all aligned to these three strategic themes.